Chris Palmer


Lipitor. Victoza. Xarelto. Eliquis. Repatha. Spinraza. Over the course of his career, Chris’s name has been associated with some pretty big names in the world of healthcare. And while undoubtedly proud of his part in driving the success of these brands, Chris is even prouder of names like “Gregg,” “Debra,” “Lila,” and “Denise” (among countless others)—people he works with who are the strongest, smartest, toughest lifechangers in the business.

Debra Polkes

Chief Creative Officer, CDM

Artist and businessperson? Creative director and strategist? Debra Polkes is a living contradiction—and that's a great thing for her brands and her clients. Debra is defined by a relentless drive to deliver lifechanging work – work that elevates brands and makes a difference in the lives of the people they serve. Her ability to guide teams to experiment, create something where there was nothing, and make it deeply attractive is second to none in this industry. This drive and dedication are evident in her work and the work of her teams which have garnered the most prestigious awards in the industry. Debra lives in New York City's West Village and enjoys all the finer things that empty nest-hood has to offer.

Denise Henry

Chief Strategy Officer, CDM

Denise has always been on a quest to find out how far we can push our brands, redefine ourselves, and drive our business forward. Throughout her 15-plus years in healthcare communications, Denise has always believed that ideas, creativity, and collaboration can solve any challenge we face. It's these beliefs that have guided her as leader of HealthWork, our joint venture with BBDO. Through this collaboration, Denise leads an offering that solves our clients' needs for deeper integration across audiences and drives a seamless brand across HCPs and consumers through market-shifting creative. She has brought this collaborative spirit to life on brands such as Lipitor, Caduet, Ryzodeg, Saxenda, Viagra, Orencia, and Tamiflu. No matter what Denise takes on, she does it with an infectious passion that motivates her cross-agency teams to constantly pursue the very best for their brands.

Lila Shah-Wright

Chief Operating Officer, CDM

The ability to impact lives for the better has fueled Lila’s passion for her clients and CDM New York for 17 years. She has worked in many therapeutic categories such as anti-infectives, renal disease, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, and oncology. She opened CDM’s first global agency in London, which she led and grew for 3 years and was recognized in 2004 as an HBA Rising Star. Lila’s passion for delivering the best work to clients is married with a love for solving both strategic and operational problems. Removing obstacles for agencies so that they can produce the best work, is what energizes and fuels her every day. Her role of Chief Operating Officer will enable her to expand her role beyond CDM NY and do just that for the entire CDM network. Lila is thrilled to use experimentation and innovation to drive lifechanging results for CDM’s people and clients. While Lila is proud of all of her professional achievements, she’s also proud to be a wife, mom, sister, aunt and daughter to her family in Connecticut.